Know the process of identity validation for individuals.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a method to verify the identity of your customers through technological solutions. The objective is to corroborate the person's information, make sure it is correct, and prevent any fraudulent activity.

What do we do to validate a KYC session?

At Pomelo, we take your security very seriously, that's why we carry out a rigorous and detailed process to validate the identity of each person who wants to use your services.

We use local and international information bureaus and biometric services to corroborate all the information. To perform these verifications, we also ask the person for their personal data, photos of the front and back of their identification document, and a selfie.

With all this information, we perform automatic validations at each stage to streamline the flow, and finally, our team of experts performs a detailed manual review. This process may take up to 48 business hours.

Integration methods

What does a KYC session consist of?

Each validation session for individuals is composed of 8 steps, that is, different stages of the session:

1. Acceptance of TyC
Vía API you will find it as TERMS.
Your customer must accept our terms and conditions to comply with local regulations and security policies.

2. Proof of life
Vía API you will find it as LIVENESS.
We will ask the person to take a real-time photo with the camera of their device and perform a series of actions to confirm that the person in the photo is actually the person trying to register on your platform.

3. Selfie / document match
Vía API you will find it as MATCH_ID.
We will compare the photo taken in the previous step with the photo on their document to confirm their identity.

4. OCR 
Vía API you will find it as OCR.
We will use OCR, an optical character recognition technology, to extract your customer's document information and validate it.

5. Data form 
Vía API you will find it as DATA_ENRICHMENT_MANUAL.
It will be necessary to collect personal information from end users, which will vary depending on the country.

6. Data validation
Vía API you will find it as GOVERMENTAL_CHECK_DATA.
We will verify all the information in governmental databases to confirm accuracy and match with the data provided in previous steps.

7. Photo validation
Vía API you will find it as GOVERMENTAL_CHECK_SELFIE.
We will use advanced technology to compare the photo taken with governmental databases and other sources to validate that it is not a manipulated or fake image.

8. Risk validation
Vía API you will find it as EXCLUSION_CHECK.
We will carry out an AML (Anti-Money Laundering) screening process to confirm that the person is not on any risk list (international or local) or politically exposed persons list.

Once the identity validation process is complete, the new user will be eligible for you to associate them with a new product, such as issuing a card or opening a digital account.

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