Get started

We will explain step by step what you will have to do to start up the Pomelo solution you chose.

Get started


Once you accept the commercial proposal, we will accompany you to launch your solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have created an integration process at #VelocidadPomelo that serves all our clients, regardless of the countries they will operate in or the products they will integrate.

Our integration record is 11 days, counting from the formal start date of the project (kickoff) to the first real-world transaction with a virtual card ⚡️

Project participants

While it is not mandatory, to facilitate integration, we recommend that you have a team to assist you in these areas:

📆 Planning and management To plan tasks and coordinate your team's efforts.
⚖️ Legal To advise you on the regulatory and compliance aspects of the country where you plan to operate.
🤖 Development To interact with our technology.
🎨 Design, Marketing and UX To cover all aspects of branding, image, and user experience of the services you will launch with us.
💸 Finance To understand the financial processes and their day-to-day operation.
🛠️ Operations To manage the service once you complete the integration.

Integration stages

To start the integration, we will hold a kickoff meeting where we will introduce you to the representatives from different areas of the company, explain the main tasks, and agree on the deadlines for their completion. Then, we will progress through each of the following stages:

Stages and tasks