Go Live

We will gradually launch the solution to the market and monitor it.


During this stage, we will launch your solution to the market! šŸš€

We will do it gradually and controlled. We will start with a small group of users to monitor the performance of your solution, and if everything goes well, we will open it up to more clients.

Profiles you will need

šŸ¤– DevelopmentTo launch the solution to the market.
šŸŽØ MarketingTo let everyone know about your launch.
šŸ› ļø OperationsTo manage the post-launch service.


We have completed all the tasks, what now?

Our Integrations team will always be available to help you evaluate the next steps of your project. Whether you decide to integrate new functionalities or want to scale your business to other countries, our team will accompany you throughout the process so that you can do it easily and quickly, just like in the initial integration.

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