Discover our test environment, access the APIs and simulate the integration process to our solutions.

Sandbox is a type of account we designed for anyone interested in accessing our APIs and simulating the integration process before becoming clients, free of charge.

In our testing environment, you will be able to:

  • Set up a free Pomelo account
  • Integrate with our APIs
  • Use and navigate our Dashboard
  • Generate test cases simulating a production environment
  • Refer to our technical documentation to perform the integration
Currently, you can only test Cards APIs in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. 

Do you want to have a Sandbox account? Fill out this form.

How can I test Pomelo's APIs?

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. You will immediately receive an email with Sandbox access credentials.
  3. From the Dashboard, in the Developers section, you will access the necessary credentials to start your integration as well as a complete step-by-step guide.

What access will I have?

With your Sandbox account, you will be able to test several features that we currently have in our Dashboard in production:


  • Create new operators in your Sandbox account to invite other people to work collaboratively as guests.
  • Configure the permissions and roles of your operators.


  • Simulate issued cards
  • Discover the Affinity Groups:

    On this screen you will find an Affinity Group that we have created and that you can test, with unnamed and virtual cards. As we launch new types of cards in Sandbox, you will be able to find them in this section.


  • Access the information of end users who use a Pomelo-powered product.


  • View and manage your credentials to integrate with our APIs.
  • You will find updates and the complete step-by-step flow that you need to follow to test all available use cases.

With the credentials that you can find in the Dashboard, you will be able to authenticate with our APIs and generate an authorization token as explained in "Request Token". This token will allow you to test card generation, as explained below.

What can I test and how can I do it?

Once you are activated as a Developer, you will be able to create named virtual and physical cards. For this, you will need:

  1. Authorization token: you will need to request a token that will enable you to interact with the APIs. You can obtain it with the data from the Developer view, following these instructions.
  2. User: you will need to create a user in order to interact with the Cards APIs. This API will return an id that will be used in the next step.
  3. Cards: you can create, obtain, and update information for virtual and unnamed cards using this documentation. To create a card, first you will need to create a user (obtaining the user_id) and also an affinity_group_id. The latter will be granted at the start when the developer already has credentials to perform tests with the APIs (prior to step 1).
For each country of interest that you have selected in the registration form, we will provide you with a different affinity_group_id.

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How does Pomelo inform me about transactions?

The processing of transactions is done through webhooks, which are calls we make to the APIs with the information of each transaction related to your accounts. This process does not currently have the possibility to perform tests in Sandbox, but we can provide you with the Postman collection so you can test it with sample data.

How do I test the webhooks?

Testing the webhooks is very simple. You need to download the file and import it into your Postman. Once you enter, you will find examples of different types of transactions such as Purchase, Refund, Debit, Payment, both domestic and international.

Use that sample information to validate the signature with which Pomelo will call you. If you have test APIs or APIs in development, you can use them directly from Postman with the desired test collection.

Can I test in another country?

To test the available APIs in other countries, reload the form and we will activate them in the ones you request.

Please note that currently, it is only possible to test the Card APIs in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

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