To operate with Pix, it is necessary to have an account.


Give your Brazilian clients the possibility of making and receiving immediate transfers.


Pix is Brazil's instant payment system. It was created by Brazil's Central Bank (BACEN) and allows resources to be transferred between accounts in an easy, immediate, secure, unrestricted and low-cost manner.

Pix will allow your customers to:

  • Make and receive transfers between individuals and companies.
  • Pay with QR code or Pix copia e cola (copy and paste).
  • Receive payments with QR code.

In order to identify the origin and/or destination of these money transfers, your customers will need to create a Pix key. For transfers, it is also possible to manually enter the recipient's information.

Pix Keys

These are the account identifiers that enable transactions between all participants in Brazil's financial system. An individual can have up to 5 keys associated with their account, while a legal entity can have up to 20.

The keys can be of the following types:

National registration (CPF or CNPJ)Virtual payment address (EVP)
E-mail account
Phone number

Each Pix key is unique and can be linked to only one account. However, in the case of fixed keys, there is the possibility of transferring them to another account under the same ownership or requesting the transfer to another ownership. These processes are known as portability and claim, and are allowed in all institutions that support Pix.

All keys are stored in the Transactional Account Identifier Directory (DICT) at BACEN.

To offer a complete Pix experience, you must give your customers the possibility to:

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