Digital Accounts

Discover our solution for creating digital accounts and managing their lifecycle, operating balances, and performing different types of transactions.

Digital Accounts

The digital accounts we offer are connected to local banking and cash networks, allowing your customers to make transfers, deposits, and cash withdrawals.

In addition, depending on the country, your users can rely on these digital accounts in order to make QR payments, pay for services, and more.

Digital accounts is a product regulated by the financial entities of each country, and a license is required to operate. If you don't have one, don't worry! You can use ours.

You can complement this solution with Cards, which will allow you to issue prepaid cards, associate them with the accounts, and spend its available funds.

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Digital accounts

Digital accounts

Create accounts for your customers, giving them the ability to deposit and manage their funds.

Connect accounts to the banking rails of each country

Enhance your Digital accounts solution

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