For now, this functionality is only available for šŸ‡¦šŸ‡·Argentina.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Offer your customers the possibility of depositing or withdrawing money from their accounts using cash networks


We are connected to the Pago FƔcil network, so your customers will be able to deposit or withdraw cash from their accounts, as long as they have an associated cash alias.

Creation of cash alias

The cash alias is a 6-character alphanumeric code that identifies the accounts originated by Pomelo to Pago FƔcil. It is unique per account and cannot be altered.

The cash alias is different from the alias to receive transfers that is created with the CVU.

If you hire our cash in or cash out service, the cash alias will be automatically created with the account.

You can obtain the data of any cash alias by making a query via API.

Deposit cash

These are the steps to make a cash deposit:

  1. Go to a Pago FƔcil branch.
  2. Tell the cashier your cash alias, along with the name of the wallet.
  3. Hand over the cash.
  4. Once the cashier confirms the transaction, we will notify you via webhook of the final result of the transaction, whether it has been approved or rejected. In case it is successful, your customer will see their balance credited immediately.

Withdraw cash

To withdraw money from the account through Pago FƔcil, your customers will have to generate a cash out intent. That is, the intention to withdraw money, where they must indicate the amount to withdraw.

You will have to interact with our Cash Out Intent API and we will return a 4-digit token that your customer will have to use at the branch to complete the withdrawal.

withdraw cash

Cash out intent characteristics:

  • It is represented by a 4-digit token.
  • It is associated with the withdrawal amount, although the balance is deducted only when the withdrawal is made at the branch.
  • The intent is resolved when the transaction is completed. If that doesn't happen, it automatically expires at 11:59 PM on the day it was created.
  • Only one intent can be associated with an account at a time. If your customer makes a mistake or wants to make a withdrawal of a different amount, they will have to create a new intent that will replace the previous one.

We will notify you through a webhook of the final result of the transaction: approved with debited balance, or rejected.


You will have the possibility to charge your customers a commission for each withdrawal. For this, you must choose a pricing model that can be:

  • Fixed per transaction.
  • A percentage of the amount to withdraw.

You will also be able to offer a certain number of free withdrawals per month.

We will ask you to inform us your pricing model to make necessary internal configurations.

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