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Your customers can receive funds through a Boleto that they can pay at all kinds of establishments.


A Boleto is a standardized and regulated means of payment by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) that allows funds to be received through a title.

A Boleto can be paid at all kinds of establishments such as banks, lottery shops, digital accounts, ATMs, or even supermarkets.

Ticket Structure


  1. Issuing Bank: logo of the issuing bank of the ticket. It is not customizable.

  2. Bank Code: code that identifies the issuing bank of the ticket.

  3. Digitable Line: numerical representation of the barcode that identifies the ticket.

  4. Payment Locations: indicates the places where the ticket can be paid.

  5. Beneficiary: institution that will receive the funds after payment of the ticket. It is a fixed field, not customizable.

  6. Document Date: date on which the ticket was issued.

  7. Instructions: information about the payment conditions.

  8. Payer: data of the individual or legal entity responsible for making the payment of the ticket.

  9. Drawer/Guarantor: is the ultimate beneficiary or intermediary of the transaction. It is most commonly the beneficiary indicated in field 5.

  10. Barcode: visual representation of the digitable line, useful for scanning with a reader.

  11. Due Date: last date for payment of the ticket without penalties or interest.

  12. Beneficiary Branch and Code: branch and account number of the beneficiary of the ticket. Fixed field, not customizable.

  13. Pomelo Control Number: control code for identification of the charge along with the issuing bank of the ticket.

  14. Document Value: value in Brazilian Reais (BRL) of the ticket.

  15. Discount: value in Brazilian Reais (BRL) of the discounts to be applied.

  16. Other Deductions: value in Brazilian Reais (BRL) of other deductions to be applied.

  17. Penalties/Fines: value in Brazilian Reais (BRL) of the applicable fines.

  18. Other Increases: value in Brazilian Reais (BRL) of other increases to be added to the document value.

  19. Amount Charged: total value to be paid, with corresponding discounts and surcharges for interest and/or fines, if applicable.

Life Cycle

The Boleto can have different states:

ACTIVEThe ticket is active and can be used until the payment deadline.
REJECTEDFor some reason, the CIP (Interbank Clearinghouse) rejects the creation of the ticket.
PAIDThe full amount of the ticket is paid and it cannot be used again.
PARTIALLY_PAIDThe ticket is paid partially, that is, the sum of the payments made on behalf of this ticket is less than the amount for which it was created. Partial payments can be made until the ticket's due date.
CANCELLEDThe ticket may reach this state if it is cancelled using the cancellation endpoint or because it has reached the due date. All deposit tickets have a payment deadline of 30 days after issuance. For collection tickets, you can define the date.

Types of Boletos

With us, you can issue 2 types of Boletos:

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